Writing - left or right handed - no problem!

Left or right?

Learning to write is a key skill and handling pens and pencils needs careful attention from an early age. It is important to write with the hand you are most comfortable using. The same principles are used whether right or left handed.

Holding your pen - important factors

• the grip of the pen or pencil

• the arm and wrist position

• the position of the writing paper

The tripod grip that is taught in school instructs children to hold the pencil with their index finger and thumb, resting it on the middle finger. Encouraging left handed children to use the tripod grip can help to prevent them hooking their hand when writing as it strengthens the wrist and aids dynamic finger movements. This will make it easier to control the pen as they get older.

We stock the STABILO range of excellent pens and pencils which will encourage the correct hold and ease of writing from an early age.

Further help

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