Website Artist Profile - Louise Billyard
I have always loved creating things. From craft to sewing, painting and drawing, I’ve never been able to get enough. From a young age, I remember browsing the children's craft selection at Art & Office and spending hours making little clay sculptures or carefully trying to follow along with a paint by numbers.
As I grew older and my interest in art more serious, I was able to pick out all my art supplies from Art & Office. It was perfect for getting the right kit together to complete my GCSE’S and A-level. As luck would have it, not long after starting my A-levels Steve posted an ad for a part-time sales assistant. I jumped at the opportunity to apply. I remember being very nervous for the interview but Steve instantly recognised me as a frequent customer. We had a great chat about art and my studies. A few days later I was very grateful to find out I had got the job.
I spent a wonderful three years working Saturdays at the shop and getting to chat with all the local artists. All the advice I received over the years did not fall on deaf ears, I went on to study an art foundation at Bucks New University and then a degree in BA Illustration, from Falmouth University.
I now live in South London and work as a freelance illustrator, represented by Friend & Johnson in North America and Mummy Brown illustration Agency in the Uk. Inspired by the natural world and travel, I specialise in landscapes. I have been lucky to work on many exciting projects ranging from magazine front covers to merchandising and illustrated maps to book covers. My clients include Harper Collins, Breathe Magazine, United Airlines, Norwegian Air, RSPB and Oxford University Press. If you would like to know more about my work, feel free to reach out to me.
(My website can be found at, my email is: or you can find my illustration account on Instagram @LouiseBillyard.)