Trio A-Z Fibre Pens - Set of 10+2 Neon Colours

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Colourful writing and colouring with a perfect grip The STABILO Trio A-Z is an ergonomic triangular shaped pen which minimises the effects of hand strain while enabling a correct and relaxed hold. Comfortable and sleek, this pen is ideal for writing and colouring with its super washable ink. STABILO Trio A-Z has ergonomic grip-zones designed for little artists and for everybody who loves to create wonderful pictures with cool pens in school or at home with friends.

  • Felt-tip pen with a robust F-tip (approx. 0.7mm line width)
  • Designed for all lovers of writing and colouring
  • Triangular, ergonomic grip zone
  • Encourages the correct and relaxed hold
  • Super-washable ink Ventilated cap

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