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The STABILO Pen 68 has an exciting combination of many brilliant and luminous premium colours including neon and pastel shades for limitless creativity. The STABILO Pen 68 colour-intensive premium felt-tip pen draws strong lines and can cover large areas thanks to the 1-mm robust tip. The STABILO Pen 68 water-based ink allows you to be even more creative; by adding a little water you can create stunning watercolour effects. It's also the perfect pen for creative trends such as hand-lettering, mandala art or DIY projects. Thanks to the 24-hour uncapped dry-out protection, the STABILO Pen 68 is the perfect partner for any creative projects that take a bit more time to complete.

  • Colour-intensive premium felt-tip pen.
  • High colour brilliance and luminosity.
  • Create watercolour effects with water-based ink.
  • Robust M-tip (approximately 1mm line width) for even application of colour.
  • Many brilliant colours including neon and pastel colours.
  • Odourless water-based ink.
  • Be creative longer with 24 hour dry-out protection with open cap.
  • Conveniently attach the cap to the end of the pen.
  • The premium felt tip pen for strong lines and large areas in 65 bright colours.

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