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STABILO's Arty range brings together a collection of their best products for all types of artwork.

STABILO Pen 68 is a colour-intensive premium pen for strong lines and large areas - and now it's available with a flexible brush tip!

Selected pigments give high brilliance and luminosity. The brush tip means you can vary the line width just by varying the pressure. It's a great tool to get started with modern calligraphy. Odourless, blendable water-based ink in a fantastic array of colours including 5 neon shades.

Set of 12 contains one each of 46 Black, 95 Medium Cold Grey, 89 Dark Ochre, 26 Light Flesh Tint, 32 Ultramarine, 41 Dark Blue, 51 Turquoise Blue, 33 Light Green, 44 Yellow, 48 Carmine, 55 Violet and 58 Lilac.

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