Ecoline Brush Pen Bright Colours - Set of 10

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Thanks to its pure formula, based on dyes and Gum arabic, the vibrant colours of the Ecoline Watercolour Brushpen range are astonishingly bright and brilliant, and are sure to bring every piece of art to life!


Ideal for thin, precise lines or for energetic broad strokes, the versatile brushpen gives you the tools for both a quick sketch as well as adding finishing touches. Combine with the Brushpen Blender and explore how colours can be mixed or subdued, and create some wonderful wash effects and colour transitions.eate some wonderful wash effects and colour transitions.


Lemon Yellow (Primary) 205, Light Orange 236, Scarlet 334, Pastel Rose 390, Magenta 337, Blue Violet 548, Sky Blue (Cyan) 578, Green 600, Sepia Deep 440, Black700.

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