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Introducing the STABILO Pen 68 MAX, the ultimate companion for creative minds. This high-quality fibre-tip pen features a chisel tip, perfect for effortlessly colouring in large areas and creating precise contours. With its vibrant range of 24 colours to choose from, your imagination will soar.  The versatile Pen 68 MAX's chisel tip, allows you to effortlessly switch between 5 mm and 1 mm wide strokes perfect for rough sketching, boldly colouring, or adding intricate details. It's a favourite among hobby artists and creative professionals for its limitless possibilities, from abstract patterns and expressive hand lettering to capturing personal thoughts in a journal.  Unleash your creativity with the Pen 68 MAX's water-based ink, which enables stunning aquarelle effects in your artwork. Say goodbye to worrying about your pen drying out quickly, as this pen boasts an impressive 12-hour dry-out protection. Take your time to bring your ideas to life without rushing through any creative project.  As part of the STABILO Pen 68 family, the STABILO Pen 68 MAX is here to inspire and empower your colourful creativity. Elevate your art and experience the joy of using a pen that is specifically crafted for passionate creators like you.

Product Features
• Chisel tip for bold and precise lines.
• Ideal for colouring large areas and drawing accurate contours.
• Rich colour application.
• 6 brilliant colours, perfectly matching the Pen 68 and point 88 range.
• Water soluble ink for aquarelle-effects.
• Up to 12 hours of dry-out protection without cap.
• Line width approx. 1-5 mm.

• NEW PRODUCT - a perfect creative addition to the Pen 68 family, the chisel tip adds       perfectly to Pen 68 and Pen 68 brush.
• Extend your ARTY collection with this strong and outstanding addition to the ARTY range.

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