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The STABILO Pen 68 metallic is the ideal pen for creative projects: from decorations made with loving care to hand lettering, do-it-yourself projects or drawings – the metallic colours make every work of art shine. Thanks to the great coverage and brilliance, the 8 metallic colours create a “wow effect” on many surfaces, such as on dark paper, cardboard, and foil. The unique metallic look is easy to apply without ever having to pump or shake the pens. So it’s easy to concentrate longer as you work on your creative ideas! In addition to the odourless ink, the robust pen tip ensures a super drawing experience because the rich colour application allows you to create dazzling highlights in no time. The pens are an ideal gift for those with creative minds and do-it-yourself fans. 

  • Super metallic effects for creative ideas: available in gold, silver, copper, metallic blue, metallic green, metallic violet, metallic pink and metallic light green.
  • From do-it-yourself projects and greeting cards to hand lettering or drawing – the ideal tool with a robust pen tip for creating effective artworks. 
  • Dazzling brilliance and super long-lasting visibility on smooth surfaces such as metal, foil, or paper – smudge-proof on these surfaces after drying for a short period.
  • Thanks to their great coverage and brilliance, the metallic colours make a radiant impression on both coloured and black paper or cardboard.
  • Concentrate longer as you work with no interruption – no shaking or pumping necessary before use.  
  • Fantastic drawing experience, thanks to the odourless, water-based ink. 
  • Store pens horizontally for best performance. 

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