Easels: What’s the best compact easel for you?
NOT MUCH SPACE? What’s the best compact easel for you?
Art & Office sells some excellent value easels from Daler Rowney. If space is tight or if you need easy portability, a table top easel or lightweight field easel is the answer.
We offer two types of TABLE EASEL.
THE BOX EASEL has storage space for your art materials. It is the most compact of the easels and is very practical if you are going to classes or need to pack everything away neatly.
The lid folds out to provide a hard surface board on which to place your paper. By inserting the arm you can extend the size to use an A3 pad or a small canvas board up to about 45cm. The angle is adjusted by tightening wing nuts on the lid sliders. You can set a slight angle for watercolour or liquid ink or a steeper angle to suit the medium you are using.
Edinburgh Box Easel
A FOLDING TABLE EASEL is a fully adjustable table top easel which allows you to use a canvas board up to 55cm. For drawing you will need a light board or a sketchpad as there is no flat surface.
Elm Table Easel
A FIELD EASEL is like a photographic tripod. It has telescopic legs which extend to give a stable base of your chosen height and has an adjustable arm for your painting surface. SKETCHING field easels are lightweight, made of either wood or aluminium. The arm can be adjusted by sliding and angling for the desired working position.
St Paul's Field Easel
Aluminium Field Easel
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