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Foam-X Print is a lightweight foam board with a polyurethane foam core and coated multi-layered bright white paper liners. Foam-X Print is suitable for indoor applications. The material provides an ideal weight-stability-ratio. Additionally, Foam-X Print can be processed very easily with manual tools.

Foam-X Print is particularly suitable for short-term indoor use including hanging signs, POS/POP applications, show window design, photo mounting, modelling and decoration and picture frame applications.

The Foam-X Print range is very popular thanks to attributes such as being light and solid, easy to cut, printable, easy to laminate and dimensionally stable. Not to mention that the foam core is polyurethane quality. It also exhibits excellent stiffness, a high level of heat resistance (100C long term, 160C short term), problem-free application of solvent based paints and glues and no crumbling of the foam core. Please note, the use of laser cutters to cut Foam-X Print is not recommended as all products have paper based surface liners and you will get brown/burnt edges.

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